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Child Find

What is Project Child Find?

An effort coordinated by your local school system and the Exceptional Children Division, State Department of Public Instruction to:

  • Locate and identify children and youth ages birth through 21 with disabilities who are in need of special education and related services.
  • Inform parents and/or guardians of the services available from their local school system and other state and community agencies.

Who Are the Children?

Children and youth who have been diagnosed or are suspected to have intellectual, physical, or emotional disabilities and are unable to benefit from a regular school program without special assistance.

What Help is Available?

A complete evaluation and, if appropriate,

  • An Individualized Education Program for children with a disability beginning at age three,
  • An Individual Family Service Plan for each child with a disability birth through 2, or
  • A referral to other agencies when needed.

The Northeast Academy for Aerospace and Advanced Technologies’ coaches and staff are responsible for and committed to ensuring that our school identifies, locates, and evaluates students with disabilities enrolled in and attending NEAAAT who may be in need of special education and related services. NEAAAT will continue these efforts in all learning environments including when engaged in remote learning. Child Find activities at NEAAAT include, but are not limited to, educating and training coaches and staff, teaming with parents, providing MTSS interventions, and completing screenings. If a parent of a child with a suspected disability has concerns, they should contact their student’s coach, the school principal at or Carolyn Walton, Director of Exceptional Children’s and Federal Programs, at (252) 562-0653 ext 108 or