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Drop Off/Pick UP

Car Line: PikMyKid Information

  • Each NEAAAT Students will be issued a card with their number.
  • Additional cards may be requested.
  • Cars will display the card when picking up students.   
  • Parents will have the ability to go online and make transportation changes.

AM Drop Off Procedures

  • Vehicles will drive up through aisle 4 and drop off at the main entrance. 
  • Pull forward as far as possible before you stop.  
  • Ensure students have their belongings and are READY to get out of the vehicle.
  • Encourage students to move quickly in the car line.
  • Drop off students in the car line ONLY, not the parking lot.
  • Do NOT drop students off at the bus entrance.

PM Pickup Procedures

  • Students will be dismissed at 3:15.
  • Vehicles will enter the car line from the west side of the school. (NOT from the Belk’s side) 
  • Cars will stop before aisle 5 to allow buses to exit.  A monitor will be stationed at this point to direct traffic.
  • PULL FORWARD as far as you can before you pick up your student.
  • Please, for the safety of all students, do not park in the parking lot to pick up students. Wait in the car line.


  • Students who walk may leave by the main office doors or the multi-purpose room doors.
  • To place your student on the walker list, you must sign the following form and return it to the office.  Walker Permission Form
  • Walkers are dismissed at 3:15.
  • Please do NOT park in the lane in front of Belk’s to pick up your student.
  • Do NOT park in the NEAAAT lot to pick up students.