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Parent Advisory Council


  • The Parent Advisory Council functions as a vital conduit between NEAAAT parents, students, staff, administration, and the community to:
  • Foster a safe, engaging atmosphere where all feel welcome;
  • Advise and inform the school’s strategic initiatives and continuous improvement efforts; and,
  • Promote communication, shared understanding, and unity across the school’s diverse body of stakeholders.


The Parent Advisory Council strives to:

  • Be a voice for parents and students, so that they feel involved in their education;
  • Hold open and honest conversations about what is working and what is not in a productive, non-combative environment;
  • Address relevant, high priority issues in a timely manner;
  • Continuously improve lines of communication among and between NEAAAT’s stakeholders, both internally and externally;
  • Provide world class support to parents and students as they navigate NEAAAT’s unique learning environment;
  • Support and promote behaviors and choices that enhance safety and high student achievement; and,
  • Champion the goals and mission of NEAAAT.

Duties of PAC Members

Parent Advisory Council members:

  • Model a strong commitment to stakeholders by devoting their time and talents to NEAAAT;
  • Participate actively as a PAC member by attending at least ⅔ of scheduled meetings during the course of a full school year;
  • Suspend certainty and adopt an open and reflective mindset;
  • Contribute on task forces established to inform future initiatives and priorities;
  • Convey concerns, praises, and ideas that exist across the NEAAAT Family;
  • Strive to maintain an environment where stakeholders can voice opinions respectfully;
  • Raise awareness and advocate for NEAAAT in the community;
  • Connect with external resources supporting school needs; and,
  • Collaborate with other NEAAAT boards.