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Exceptional Children

NEAAAT has been a wonderful experience for both myself and my EC student.  Within weeks of her starting many of the staff knew her by name, even those who didn't work directly with her.  When I attended my first IEP meeting it was clear they knew my child.  Their concerns were very similar to mine and they saw the same strengths and weaknesses as I did.  I knew we were all there talking about the same kid.  When we've had challenges the staff are willing to work with us and try new and different things to make it the best learning environment for my child.  They are willing to work outside the box and I've never been told we have to do things a certain way.  The Individual part of the IEP has been truly individualized for my child as opposed to making her fit into molds that don't work for her. Staff members have gone above and beyond to make her feel safe, appreciated, capable, and they continue to push her to be her best self.  It's not perfect, no school is, but I know that we're working as a team here at NEAAAT for the best possible outcomes for every kid.

— Middle Grades Parent

Our daughter struggled with reading throughout elementary school, but no one ever suggested that she may have a learning difference. When she got to NEAAAT in the fifth grade, her frustration continued to build. She was excited about the projects, and she wanted to be successful in school, but her reading skills were holding her back from reaching her full potential. We contacted Carolyn Walton, the Exceptional Children's Director, and she suggested testing our daughter for a learning disability. She explained how the process worked, and we agreed that any information we could gain from the testing process would be valuable. Our daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia, and the team at NEAAAT immediately came together with a plan to help her. For the past two years, Coach Hughes has spent time each week working one on one with our daughter, and she sends us quarterly progress reports detailing her progress. She and Coach Walton are very supportive and responsive to any questions we have. They work with the classroom teachers to be sure they are informed of any special needs the students may have. Most importantly, our daughter's confidence has bloomed as she learns more about how her brain works and different strategies to help her be successful. We have high expectations for our daughter's education, and we are so grateful to the staff and faculty at NEAAAT for seeing her potential and ensuring that she has the tools to achieve it.

— Parent of an eighth grade student

The Northeast Academy for Aerospace and Advanced Technologies’ Exceptional Children’s Department is committed to ensuring students with disabilities reach their academic, emotional and social potential by providing a full continuum of services and specially designed instruction with fidelity and evidenced based practices in the least restrictive environment. Our Exceptional Children’s Director is Carolyn Walton.    

(252) 562-0653 ext 108.