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As part of our Core Values at NEAAAT, we want our students to be community minded.  Volunteering our time in our community is important. 

Students should log their volunteer hours below.

How do I log Into X2vol?

1) Students will go to and login by using their NEAAAT Gmail account and clicking “Continue with Google”

2) Students will be brought right to the X2Vol Dashboard ( it can be slow to load)

3) Students can submit hours by clicking the green “Add Hours” button and then “New Personal Project”

  • Students will use the Personal Project for now, but we will have posted opportunities soon for students to sign up for 
  • Students will put their supervisors contact down for verification-PLEASE PROVIDE AN EMAIL- students should let their supervisor know ahead of time that they will receive an email 
  • Students will select their current year goal to submit the hours for this year 

4) It is the expectation that students complete 150 hours prior to graduation 

  • The target 38 hours comes from 150/4 years 
  • Hours will start calculating once a student starts to attend NEAAAT, which at minimum students will have 4 years to complete 

5) It is the students responsibility to check to make sure their Supervisor has verified their hours. Students may need to remind them to check their email for the verification link. Once the Supervisor has verified the hours NEAAAT staff will complete the final approval.