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Stem Education

Why do we use Inquiry through Strategies That Engage Minds (S.T.E.M.) in all of our classes?

Inquiry through STEM refers to a set of instructional practices that build students’ abilities to understand and form good questions for learning and problem solving, as well as their Mindsets, Skillsets, and Toolsets to Discover, Design, and Deliver solutions to real world challenges.

Common Practices for Inquiry through S.T.E.M. at NEAAAT

Design Powerful Learning Experiences

  • Research and gain understanding of industry-based practices to design inquiry-based lessons
  • Seek out to learn new STEM equipment and investigate ways to integrate into high quality PLEPs
  • Collaborate with industry partners to create authentic learning experiences
Deliver Powerful Learning Experiences

  • Communicate learning outcomes
  • Prepare and build an engaging environment 
  • Ask probing questions to drive inquiry and challenge students to draw conclusions
  • Apply inquiry based learning to content and real world experiences
  • Demonstrate and adhere to safety protocols
  • Facilitate inquiry-based learning that is student-centered or student-led

Discover the Impact of Powerful Learning Experiences
  • Reflect on the inquiry activity(ies) and the student learning outcomes
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of supplies, equipment, and resources for achieving the learning outcomes
  • Assess and revise safety protocols