Federal Programs

What All Parents Should Know About Federal Programs at NEAAAT

  • NEAAAT is a Title I Targeted Assistance School for 2018-2019.
  • The Title I Plan is shared bi-annually and a print copy is available upon request.
  • The Student-Parent-School Compact is located in the School Handbook.
  • Parents, Students, and NEAAAT staff agree to participate fully in the Compact for the best interest of the student.
  • NEAAAT employs educators who meet high quality workforce standards.
  • Educator credentials are posted outside of classroom doors for easy viewing.
  • Parents may request a copy of the professional qualifications of their child’s teachers and paraprofessionals at any time.
  • NEAAAT’s yearly State Report Card (2017: English, Spanish) can be located on the school website.
  • NEAAAT provides supplements for free and reduced meals. The application is available year-round
  • NEAAAT can provide assistance in locating resources should your student become homeless.
  • NEAAAT participates in Project Child Find and has information available at school.
  • NEAAAT reports the academic growth of students every three weeks through progress reports and report cards. Parent Conferences are held throughout the year. Please contact your student’s teacher to schedule a time.
  • NEAAAT participates in the NC Testing and Accountability Program and reports state testing results to parents with the final report card of the school year. More information can be found at the NCDPI Testing Website.


If you have any questions, you can contact NEAAAT at 252-562-0653 or email Deborah West, Federal Programs Coordinator, at deborahwest@northeastacademy.org

Upcoming Opportunities

April 9th 6pm- Junior Transition Family Meeting for Class of 2020 at Williams Hall Rm. 158 of ECSU

April 13th 9am-2pm Title I Robox Sumo STEM Family Engagement Event at ITC Building of ECSU

April 16th 5-7pm Title I Family Fun Night at ITC Building of ECSU

April 30th 6pm Title I Plan Review and Pre-Planning for 2019-2020 ITC Building Room 112 of ECSU

May 9 6pm Title I Plan Finalization for 2019-2020 ITC Building Room 112 of ECSU

Date/Time TBA Title I Mop Top Shop STEM Family Engagement Event at ITC Building of ECSU