College Resources – Select “Our 17 Campuses” to see videos about NC public colleges and universities. This was
produced by UNC-TV. Good stuff!– The official website for NC Private Colleges and Universities. The price tag for tuition is higher, but do not rule them out because scholarships and financial aid can help make private colleges very affordable. Some benefits of attending a private college are the small size, which allows for more of a family atmosphere and closer relationships with teachers and professors. If you are interested in playing sports on a college level, it is also easier to join a private college team.– Your place for SAT prep and researching colleges in and out of state.This is also where you
register to take the SAT. Juniors, plan on taking the SAT either March 10th, May 5th, or June 2nd. The cost is
$60. If you have financial concerns and the cost of the SAT is a problem, please let me know. We will not let a
financial obstacles hinder all that you have worked for!