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Announcing the NEAAAT Sustainers Program

We’re excited to announce an opportunity for all who wish to support the engine of opportunity we call NEAAAT –The NEAAAT Sustainers Program. By joining the Sustainers Team, you can be confident in knowing that your support will ensure that the great work underway from our staff and students continues during this unprecedented period of economic uncertainty. Whether it’s five dollars a month or 30 dollars or more, every contribution will be greatly appreciated and will help sustain our outstanding programs for students throughout this difficult time.

Did you know…

  • NC charter schools receive substantially less funding than other public schools?
  • NEAAAT spends $1,300 per student for bus transportation, but receives no additional funding?
  • Our subsidized school lunch program runs an annual deficit of more than $100,000?
  • The average NEAAAT family saves more than $25,000 in college expenses?
  • NEAAAT brings over $1,000,000 in additional funding to our local economy every year?
  • College textbooks will cost the school more than $45,000 this year alone?

Over the last five years, NEAAAT faculty, students, and parents have been setting new paradigms for public education in Northeastern North Carolina and beyond. Over the past four years alone we’ve prepared 9 students for acceptance into the very competitive NC School of Science and Math in Durham, and we’ve provided 16 students weeklong experiences at National Flight Academy in Pensacola, FL. Our students perennially outperform state averages on standardized tests and contribute 1,000s of service hours to our community annually. To date, more than two-thirds of our graduates have earned at least a full year’s worth of college credits before leaving high school—with over half of these earning full certifications and degrees! And when the Coronavirus pandemic forced schools across our state to close, the NC Department of Public Instruction and other organizations turned to NEAAAT for guidance
about how to transition all NC students to remote learning, a technique pioneered at NEAAAT.

With shrinking space availability on the ECSU campus threatening NEAAAT’s future, we took action by purchasing and renovating 62,000 sq. ft. of the former Southgate Mall to secure a permanent home for our school. As you can imagine, the $7,000,000 price tag of this project alone has put a major strain on our financial situation. At the same time, the Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in significant state revenue shortfalls. Early estimates suggest that we may be facing budget cuts of 3-5%, which would force our school to lay off staff and delay or cancel many of the programs that have been so valuable to our students.

Undaunted by these challenges, we are seeking your support so we can continue providing a high-quality education for the students of Northeastern NC. Please consider becoming a NEAAAT Sustainer by setting up a monthly donation.

If you are interested in a one-time contribution or naming rights for rooms in our new facility, please contact Holly Luther, Director of Finance and HR, at or (252) 562 – 0653. We thank you for your trust and confidence in us!


NEAAAT Board of Directors

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