Samantha Stanwick, Class of 2020




A griffin is a mythical creature. The griffin’s design had to be debated for awhile, and at the time I had an internship with a screen printing business, so I was asked to come up with a design. I created the design of the griffin using different references and ideas that are meaningful towards the school and the school’s original logo. I finished the final design over the course of a week, and presented this design to the Board and it was approved. The original design has three markings on the chest, triangular shapes that represent the three ‘A’s’ in ‘NEAAAT’. The colors are the school colors and are from the original logo. I really wanted to incorporate the strength of a griffin using sharp features, like the beak, talons, and wings, because NEAAAT is a strong family that works together to accomplish our goals. I hope this griffin inspires others to do what they are passionate about and take chances because who knows what will happen unless you take some risks?

Samantha Stanwick has been a NEAAAT student since its inaugural year. Her design was voted by the student body to stand as the school’s first mascot logo.