We Sumo? Do you? Robox Sumo was a Hit!

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Almost 80 participants came out on Saturday, April 13, 2019, to participate in NEAAAT’s Robox Sumo Event. The event was a Title I Community Event focusing on engaging families in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

The Robox Sumo program is something unique that Pitt Pirates FRC Team #2642 developed in June of 2013. Robox Sumo is a way to introduce STEM concepts to students across a wide range of ages and skill ranges.  The program was held in a number of venues since its inception and followed the same structure each time. In a 3 to 4 hour session, Robox participants receive instructions, build their robots and compete “sumo style”. Robox Sumo rules are simple

  1. Students have 60 minutes to build a Robox.
  2. Robox must fit in a 12″ x 12″ square.
  3. Students have 60 seconds to push a competitor out of the ring, controlling your Robox with a remote controller.
  4. The Robox that pushes the other out of the ring, wins.
  5. If your computer “brain” falls out, you lose!

NEAAAT’s FRC team, Team #7715 the Robo-Banditos, co-hosted the event. The Pitt Pirates are mentors to NEAAAT’s rookie FRC team.

The winning team included NEAAAT students Sam Moncla, Maxwell Moncla, and Adrian Sauermann.