Thank You Athletic Coaches


A tremendous THANK YOU to our athletics coaches this year. We truly appreciate your dedication and hard work. A special thank you to Julie Tunney for organizing and overseeing NEAAAT athletics.

Present: Shelley Cox(Tennis coach), Anthony Sharp(Asst Tennis coach), Aaron Wallio (coach 3 seasons: cross-country and volleyball x 2) , Amy Cisneros (volleyball Asst coach spring), Julie Tunney.

Absent: Shelby and David Laczko)(cross-country coaches), Russ Haddad (soccer – 2 seasons), John Lamberson (basketball coach), Melissa Copeland (basketball communication ), Michele Credle (winter volleyball coach), Tonya Byrd (Asst volleyball coach winter), Sean Tunney (soccer communications), Robin Shaw (basketball and Tennis communication). Tommy Copeland and Mr Johnson also assisted with bball.