NEAAAT Technology Department

Technology Department

Clarence Hall
Technology Support Specialist
Teresa Burnett
Technology Assistant
Shane Wolf
Technology Department Intern

Use this to create a tech ticket for any issue(s) where support is needed. 

Users will use this tool to allow Technology Support to remotely access their device to fix potential issues with using applications, software, etc.

Users will use this tools to schedule a Google Hangout with tech support if needed. The tool will allow user to schedule appointment times available.

Users will use this tool if they have a scheduled appointment with Technology Support. If you have a scheduled appointment please be ready at least 5 minutes before scheduled session. 

Technology Support Videos

The following video is to show users how to access and install Chrome Remote Desktop to allow the Technology Department to remotely access devices to provide support.

If you would like to see a video demonstration not found here, please email and we will work to provide you that resource!