meet our team

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Dr. Andrew Harris
Chief Executive officer

we are team NEAAAT

Caren Williams, Director of Testing and Data Services

Carolyn Walton, Director of Exceptional Children and Federal Programs

Clarence Hall, Chief Technology Officer

Holly J. Luther, Director of Human Resources and Marketing

Kim Mawhiney, Director of S.T.E.M.

Lisa Alcott, Assistant Principal

T.J. Worrell, Principal


Dana Harrison, Data Manager

Jennifer McNeill, School Support Specialist

Leslie Cropp, School Nurse

Shanna Nadeau, Finance/HR Assistant


Samantha Doran, Counselor for Grades 8-12

Phil Huey, Counselor for Grades 8-12

LaToya Lee, Counselor for Grades 5-7

5th grade team

Tammy Rhea (ELA/Social Studies)
Michelle Flach (Math)
Deb West (Science)
Marie Alvarez (Design Thinking)
Erica Gurkin (Wellness)

6th grade team

Linda Nelson (ELA/Social Studies)
Michael Louis (Math)
Amber Jones (Science)
Marie Alvarez (Design Thinking)
Erica Gurkin (Wellness)

7th grade team

Melissa Harrelson (ELA/Social Studies)
Ashley Gibson (Math)
Grace Warden (Science)
Cailtlin McDonald (Design Thinking)

8th grade team

Rebecca Porter (ELA/Social Studies)
Lindsay Cahoon (Math)
Dail Berry (Design Thinking)

Exceptional children Team

Melissa Rady (Middle Grades)
Shelby Hughes (Middle Grades)
Suzanne Sanders (Middle Grades)
Amanda Kozak (High School)

Christine Vicars (High School)


Tamika McPherson-Keys (Coding & Mobile Apps)
John Towell (Physical Education)
Tamika Jackson (NASA/BioTech)
Erica Gurkin (Wellness)

high school team

JoEllen Aspinwall (English I, III, & IV)
Samantha Turner (Math I)
Emily Adams (Math II & Personal Finance)
Blake Hawkins (Earth/Env. Science & Physical Science)
Shannon Donahue (Science)
Justus Hudgins (Aviation)
Maria Sutton (English)
Mark Miller (Biology, Chemistry, & Physical Science)
Amanda Lowman (Spanish I & II)
Robert Spruill (World History, American History, & Civics)
Shala Spence (Tech. Ed & Design, Robotics I, & Cybersecurity)
Angela Banks (Computer Science)
John Waters (Advanced Manufacturing)

facilities & transportation

Daryl Miller (Custodian)
Gloria Combs (Custodian)
Chris Stoner (Maintenance/Bus Driver)
Colon James (Bus Driver)
George Archuleta (Bus Monitor)

Belinda Sadler (Bus Driver)
Edward Forbes (Bus Driver)
Pam Wilson (Bus Driver)
Paula Wynn (Bus Driver)
Sophie Wood (Bus Driver)

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