Lunch Time! By Samuel Kleinschuster


Lunch at Bedell Cafeteria with NEAAAT is a time to socialize with friends, get academic help, and eat wonderful food provided by ECSU. Each student has the ability to eat what they want due to the variety foods they serve from chicken to fish, salads to desserts, and even pizza!

Since the cafeteria is a 5 minute walk from the ITC building, middle grades students have the ability to exercise  to and from lunch. The walk to lunch allows students to talk with their friends and relieve any stress between classes. Students say, “Lunch is the best time to socialize and calm yourself before you start your next class, and that we get to eat and drink what you want is awesome!”

During lunch, the teachers are always willing to help you, no matter the time. One student said, “During lunch I am able to ask my teachers questions about my school and they will help me without any hesitation.”