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Athletics – User’s Guide

Athletics – Emergency Contact and Health Insurance/Waiver Form

Athletics – Concussion Information and Statement

Athletics – Sport Participation Physical Exam Form

Athletics – NEAAAT Athletics Agreement (For Coaches, Students, and Parents to Complete)

Athletics – NEAAAT Participant Waiver Form

Student Proposal Form

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What our students say…

“I believe that NEAAAT is a great environment for the cultivation of young minds. It is a perfect place for students who are trying to reach their dreams, and for students who are still discovering their passions.”~

NEAAAT accepts everybody the way they are. NEAAAT would be a great school to attend because it not only offers a great education, but it offers a family. ~Abi

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NEAAAT means to me a new beginning. I honestly cherish this opportunity because I would have been left, but this opportunity came out of nowhere and I cherish it. ~Langley

In this school you have to be very involved in your classes in order to stay on top of things. There are a lot of projects. ~Brandon

NEAAAT is a very good school. NEAAAT is an excellent school with very good things happening. ~Kynagia

NEAAAT is a very unique and diverse school. Here at NEAAAT the students have a voice. We’re hands on and project based learners. So far we have built and launched rockets and built planters. I think that any new student would like it here. ~RaShad

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NEAAAT is a school that helps students get a better and more advanced education. It helps pioneer the way to an
excellent STEM education in Northeastern North Carolina. ~Dynasty

To  me, NEAAAT means opportunity and a chance to challenge myself and my abilities. NEAAAT means a chance to be involved in something bigger–my community. NEAAAT means giving back and taking up the challenge for success. ~Alexia

NEAAAT to me is a new opportunity for my education; an open door for meeting others from across Northeastern North Carolina, and a chance to strengthen both my character and my life skills. ~Hannah

NEAAAT is hard work, dedication, time and a positive environment that provides a lot of opportunities and interaction with the community. ~Mylene


NEAAAT isn’t like any school I’ve ever been in and trust me I’ve been in quite a few. NEAAAT offers things that I didn’t think a middle/high school could. I love what this school stands for and I don’t think that I could willing say that I would want to go back to a regular school. This school is part of my life. It is setting me up for success in the future. ~Kirsten

You have to push yourself and give up free time, but in the end you learn so much about the worth of education and hard work. It’s easy to make friends with your peers because of the interaction with teams and the community. Even when
your teammates are stubborn you learn independence and leadership. ~Victoria

NEAAAT means to be in a family, and to be accepted. You are able to work at your own pace. It’s like it’s a new beginning that opens new doors and it brings out your real potential. It teaches us real world education that we will use. ~Michelle