DSC_9603Our Mission

Mission Statement: NEAAAT is a highly innovative regional academy that educates a group of diverse students for advanced careers and degree programs in STEM-related fields.


  • Innovation – Students learn best when they are challenged by creative approaches to learning and staff perform best when they have the opportunity to develop varied methods to engage students.

  • Personalized Learning – All students can learn but not within the same timeframe or by using a one size fits all instructional model.  Learning environments and pedagogy must be individualized to meet student learning needs.

  • Community Learning – Service learning, internships, volunteering and other forms of community learning are critical to establish relevancy between classroom learning and the real world for students.

  • Parental Engagement – Parents/Family are a most important influence on a student’s motivation for learning.  The school staff must engage parents as partners in a student’s learning journey.

  • Teaming – This is a critical skill to develop in all students if they are to be successful in life.  Students learn best when they can support or are supported by others.

NEAAAT  works to inspire and prepare students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to pursue the high demand jobs and careers of the future.This regional STEM school is designed as a statewide model that will graduate students who have earned up to two years of college credit along with their high school diploma. In addition, students will gain credentials and certifications valued by employers.


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